Charging the Commons

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GO Game Changers Award
Editie 8 (juni 2024)

Team: Thomas Groeneweg, Lieve Baetens, Eliran Abohadana en Thom de Vries

The project, developed by students in partnership with DIKS Car Rental, the community initiative EDDePijp, and the Civic Interaction Design research group, aims to establish a community-centric digital car-sharing platform for De Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam. Students from the minor 'The Internet is Broken, but We Can Fix It' designed a platform that not only aligns with the public values of the neighbors but also considers the goals of other stakeholders. The objective is to offer an environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive mobility solution that aligns with the public values of privacy, accessibility, and community cohesion. Targeting residents, the initiative seeks a balance between commercial interests and community needs, promoting environmental responsibility and fostering communal bonds amid contemporary mobility challenges. The platform design includes suggestions that emphasize the social cohesion of the neighborhood while also ensuring ethical values such as privacy, inclusivity, and responsible data collection.

Faculty: Digital Media and Creative Industries

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