Furniture Revivers

Geplaatst op 23 april 2024, 00:00 uur
GO Game Changers Award
Editie 8 (juni 2024)

Team: Dennis Vijn, Mychael Rinkel, Jesper Breukel en Jinne Ravenhorst

Teacher: Marieke van der Valk

Furniture Revivers’ mission is to transform second-hand wooden furniture into unique, sustainable, and beautiful pieces through craftsmanship and innovation.

The team consists of four young men who always search with passion and dedication for unique pieces deserving of a new life. The team transforms 'old junk' into proud showpieces, preserving and even enhancing the unique character of wooden furniture.

Discover more about what Furniture Revivers do and what they have already created, and contribute to a woodwise tomorrow.

Faculty: Business & Economics

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