Boom Tot Bouw

Geplaatst op 24 april 2024, 00:00 uur
GO Game Changers Award
Editie 8 (juni 2024)

Team: Twan Snepvangers

Teachers: Ilja Meewezen & Robin Schuur

Boom Tot Bouw is a website to bring attention to a green initiative in Amsterdam. The sustainable initiative this website revolves around is Stadshout. In brief, Stadshout recycles felled trees in Amsterdam. The wood goes partially to businesses and is partially used for orders from for example the local authority.

This website tries to raise awareness for this initiative because is dares you to look different at waste. Find sustainable solutions for waste. Boom Tot Bouw triest to bring this initiative to light to inspire people to think out of the box with reusability in mind.

Faculty: Technology

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