Linen Reverie - A Silent Reconnection with Materiality

Geplaatst op 1 mei 2024, 00:00 uur
GO Game Changers Award
Editie 8 (juni 2024)

Team: Carlotta KelberĀ 

Teacher: Carolien Huizinga

Linen Reverie is born out of a sense of frustration with a world where no product is needed, and every new object is one object to much. A world centred around a growth paradigm accompanied by an economic system and society based around status, acquisition, and fear.

What to do if the best option is not to do anything? How do we overcome internalized capitalism and embrace new drives?

One of the ways is to break the alienation between consumer and product. We must go back to the very source - the material - and carefully navigate the entire production process. This project is a reconnection with material and physical textile labour involved in textile creation. A practice of silence, stepping back and doing less while gaining a profound understanding of belongings and origins. Inspiring the use of the material itself as a tool to break with the consumerist ethos that dominates our culture and foster a appreciation for the essence for material and process.

Faculty: Digital Media & Creative Industry


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