Een Nieuwe Route

Geplaatst op 3 mei 2024, 00:00 uur
GO Game Changers Award
Editie 8 (juni 2024)

Team: Cato van Hoegee

Teacher: Rick Schellingerhout

This project emphasizes the importance of sustainable travel through the University of Applied Sciences' study associations. The project consists of a proposal to implement the new travel policy not only for staff, but also students associated with the UOAS through a study association; meaning flights <1000km will be prohibited if the association is receiving (financial) aid by the UOAS. By Implementing this project into the new institutional plan and policy of the UOAS, up to 2 tons (!) of travel emmissions will be saved per student. This project is the step foward the UOAS has to take in order to take the lead when it comes to sustainability. The project is targeted on the (participation) board, study associations and students of the UOAS to promote sustainable travel, especially considering the newly installed high-speed nighttrains across Europe. It braids perfectly into the wish of the UOAS to focus on European international students, on inclusivity by making the same policy apply for everyone and on the main goal of the institutional plan of 2021-2026; sustainability.

Faculty: Social Sciences and Law

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