Student Changers

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GO Game Changers Award
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Team: Levi Springer en Henk-Jan Dop

Teacher: Sietske Jansma

The "Studentchangers" initiative is a program designed to foster personal development and growth among students at HvA. Its goal is to equip students with the necessary skills, resources, and support to set and achieve their personal learning goals, thereby enhancing their academic performance and overall well-being.

The target group for this initiative includes students enrolled at HvA who are motivated to improve various aspects of themselves, such as study skills, personal leadership, and emotional intelligence. Through workshops, training sessions, mentorship programs, and coaching sessions, Studentchangers aims to empower students to unleash their full potential and succeed in their academic endeavors.

The relevance of Studentchangers lies in its commitment to addressing the holistic needs of students beyond the traditional classroom setting. By providing tailored support and guidance, the initiative seeks to cultivate a culture of self-improvement, resilience, and success among HvA students, ultimately contributing to their academic and personal success.

Faculty: Social Sciences and Law

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