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GO Game Changers Award
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Team: Josefina Vizcarra, Beatriz Astete, Jose Daniel Morales, Tina Bota

Eternalizers, a pioneering project led by a team form by Beatriz, Josefina, José Daniel, and Tina, set out to engage young students in a profound conversation about technological degrowth. The initiative unfolded as a physical intervention that confronted individuals with the stark reality of electronic waste. At its core was the service named Eternalizers, where outdated electronics were deliberately and dramatically destroyed before users' eyes, followed by a ceremonial cremation and burial. The primary aim was to evoke a visceral response, compelling individuals to reconsider the latent value inherent in their aging electronic possessions—devices that could still be repurposed, repaired, or responsibly recycled. "We aimed to provide a service that people would vehemently wish to avoid revisiting." The project underscored the pressing need to recognize the enduring value of old devices amidst the relentless pursuit of the latest technology. It urged a shift in perspective, emphasizing the importance of cherishing and repurposing existing possessions rather than succumbing to the constant influx of new electronics. In essence, Eternalizers served as a stark reminder that our old devices carry intrinsic value, waiting to be rediscovered and appreciated.

Faculty: Digital Media and Creative Industries

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