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Team: Jake Mulder, Quinten Overgaag, Danny Springvloed, Boaz Elte, Nick Pieterson

Everybody knows about it. The climate is heating up and the world population keeps on growing. The demand for alternative protein sources is now higher than ever. Because of this change the cattle industry and the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted is growing. At the same time this also puts a lot of pressure on, for example, the soy industry. This pressure causes deforestation and enforces unsustainable farming practices because of the high demand.

We at Buggy Bites want to be part of the solution and not the problem. We are making high protein snacks made from insects! This may sound a little unconventional but let us convince you.

For starters, it’s already a really common source of protein in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Ghana, and Thailand. It also has a lot of positive health benefits. Bugs are a great source of complete protein, with some insects that contain up to 35,2 grams of protein per 100 grams! Furthermore, insects like mealworms need very little space to grow, produce a low amount of co2, is commonly available here in The Netherlands and are really fast growers. They become fully grown in 3-4 months.

We want to end the stigma on eating insects, and to reach this goal we plan to target our product to the younger generation. We don’t only want to normalize eating insects, we also want to create a guilt free, high protein snack for kids. A snack children enjoy eating, while still delivering the essential nutrients it needs to grow big and strong. A snack that helps the climate, the children, but also the parents who are looking for a healthy snack to give to their kids.

Faculty: Sports and Nutrition (FBSV)

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