Potion Products: Cure for the Planet

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GO Game Changers Award
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Team: Ebad Khan and Yakub Sener

Project Description:
Introducing an Innovative Sustainable Handcare Experience

This initiative is dedicated to revolutionizing the handcare landscape with a novel sustainable handsoap concentrate. The goal is to provide a premium, eco-friendly alternative to traditional handsoaps, aligning with the growing demand for luxurious yet environmentally conscious personal care products.

Target Group:
Discerning Consumers Seeking Eco-Luxury

Our primary audience comprises individuals who value sustainability without compromising on luxury. This includes eco-conscious consumers, professionals with a penchant for premium products, and those who view their everyday choices as a contribution to a greener world.

Fusing Luxury with Environmental Responsibility

This initiative is relevant in an era where consumers are increasingly prioritizing products that harmonize with their values. By crafting an exclusive handcare experience, we aim to contribute to sustainable living practices, offering a refined alternative that resonates with the discerning tastes of our target audience.

Faculty: Digital Media and Creative Industries

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