Girl Empowerment in Special Education's PE

Geplaatst op 15 december 2023, 00:00 uur

Team: Lotte Berndsen

In special education (SBO), there is a consistently higher number of boys than girls, both within the school and in after-school activities (BSO). This imbalance is reflected in their social interactions, where girls may be treated differently or find themselves comparing to boys. The aim of the research is to make girls in SBO feel more at home in the gym and empower them, despite being in the minority. The children in the school were this project will be set out all have different sorts of behavioral issues like ADHD, autism, low IQ, low self esteem and other things. This is why different sort of research techniques like vignettes, pictograms, storytelling and observations will be used. Ultimately, the goal is to create a training or workshop specifically designed to empower girls during PE classes. This project is created to raise awareness and to better the gender equality in PE lessons. It is also the aim to better the quality of education for the girls.

Faculty: Sports and Nutrition

GO Game Changers Award
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