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Team: Millan Wokke, Laurens Prins, Thijs van der Geest, Rikkert Honing en Casper van Lint

2 out of 3 homes in the Netherlands lack sufficient insulation, leading residents to pay more for their energy bills than necessary. SHEEPCOATING believes it's time for a change, introducing a new and cost-effective method of insulation. Presenting a fully sustainable interior wall coating, composed of bio-plaster and sheep's wool. Sheep's wool has been incorporated for its natural, renewable, and excellent insulating properties. Moreover, 95% of the produced sheep's wool in the Netherlands goes unused each year. SHEEPCOATING makes home insulation more accessible and affordable for everyone, whilst reducing wool wastage. All achieved in an environmentally friendly manner. Will you join us in insulating towards a more sustainable future? We will see you at the event!


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